Life Beyond the Gateways

I wanted to share an article from our most recent issue of Asian Real Estate Magazine, or A|R|E – linked here, because of its timeliness to what we are seeing going on with today’s Asian immigrants. Of course the biggest destinations are still New York, LA, San Francisco – but there are many other cities that are creating a climate conducive to attracting talented immigrant students and professionals.

This article takes a region by region approach to see where today’s Asian immigrants are heading to outside of the traditional gateways, and is a fascinating look into what immigration in the 21st century is beginning to look like. Whether it’s because of the proximity of great educational facilities, world class transportation hubs, or simply the value of real estate in a certain market, each of these cities has positioned themselves as the next great immigration destination of their particular region.

But I noticed something else about the cities on this list: they are all also of very high interest to international investors. It shouldn’t be a surprise that investment of Asian capital strongly correlates with attraction of Asian immigrants, but it is interesting nonetheless.

You can find the article by clicking HERE.