Considered buying in Fort Lauderdale?

Are you thinking about buying in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

The Residences at W Fort Lauderdale | Fully Furnished Residences starting from $890,000

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Find out how AREAA Global & Comm Loans can help you

How do you find out about Commercial Loans? CommLoans has 400 different lenders that can help you. Check out this video podcast to see how AREAA Global and CommLoans can help you.

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Want to buy in Miami?

The Miami Herald carried out a recent study and asked should you buy or rent? What are the best neighborhoods? The top 3 questions ask where would you buy for a single family home, an apartment and where to avoid buying.

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Thinking about buying a property in Malaysia?

Thinking about buying in Malaysia?

Foreigners can find great deals, but they need to know some of the market’s unique challenges this article has some great tips.

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Chinese Real Estate Investors Are On A Spending Spree

According to CNBC Journalist Joshua Bateman China’s real estate investors on a $200B global spending spree. In 2007 China’s commercial property outflow was less than $1 billion. Now it exceeds $20 billion annually.  It looks like this isn’t slowing down any time soon as individuals and corporations still have an estimated $200 billion to invest abroad

Chinese real estate investors are purchasing in prominent hot spots such as Hong Kong, Australia, the U.K. and North America, particularly Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver.

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The top 20 Countries for investing overseas in Real Estate Today

The top 20 Countries for investing overseas in Real Estate Today according to Live and Invest Overseas.

Spain’s housing bubble, Greece’s debt crisis, and recession in Portugal resulted in drops in real estate values in those countries that carry on today (though Spain and Portugal are this side of their bottoms).

Meantime, U.S. dollar buyers are benefitting from an uber-strong greenback that buys 90 euro cents as of this writing.

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