Chinese Real Estate Investors Are On A Spending Spree

According to CNBC Journalist Joshua Bateman China’s real estate investors on a $200B global spending spree. In 2007 China’s commercial property outflow was less than $1 billion. Now it exceeds $20 billion annually.  It looks like this isn’t slowing down any time soon as individuals and corporations still have an estimated $200 billion to invest […]

China: The New Leader

  I want to share an article from our last issue of  A|R|E Magazine that discusses China’s rise to the top in international investment in US property. Even with an economic slowdown, it appears that China’s desire for a safe and reliable place to invest its money has no signs of stopping. In fact, they’re […]

Life Beyond the Gateways

I wanted to share an article from our most recent issue of Asian Real Estate Magazine, or A|R|E – linked here, because of its timeliness to what we are seeing going on with today’s Asian immigrants. Of course the biggest destinations are still New York, LA, San Francisco – but there are many other cities that are […]