Business Opportunities

AREAA Global Business Opportunities
Supporting Services
International Real Estate Development

AREAA Global can help facilitate the acquisition and management of residential and commercial real estate for our clients. This includes large-scale real estate and commercial project management as well as direct investment in high-growth real estate opportunities.

High Net Worth Client Development and International Referral Network

Asia represents the fastest growing segment of high-net worth individuals in the world. AREAA Global will help develop domestic and international lead generation programs to capture this important customer segment for AREAA members and clients.

Unparalleled execution in emerging real estate investment opportunities.

International Property Management

AREAA Global supports property management needs of AREAA members for international and domestic clients. By leveraging technology and the latest tools, AREAA members can benefit from the scale and efficiency of a world-class operation while maintaining the high-touch service AREAA clients demand.

Building Services & Green Technology Marketing

By leveraging AREAA Global’s connection to Asian regulatory agencies and construction companies, AREAA Global will help market green technology and building materials into Asia.

EB-5 Funding & Project Development

AREAA Global will help AREAA members obtain funding and structure eligible projects that are compliant with U.S. rules and requirements. Additionally, AREAA Global will help train EB-5 participants and provide the necessary quality control to ensure that the project is managed optimally.

Member Benefits

AREAA Global offers our partners a variety of avenues to increase their business opportunities. From commercial financing and lead generation, investment opportunities in land development deals around the nation, to platforms for promoting high-end listings around the world, AREAA Global enables our partners to take their brand and their business to new levels.

Timely and relevant information on global market trends

Access new and unique investment opportunities

Valuable insight from respected international business leaders

Become an AREAA Global Partner today

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