Serene Country Homes Immigration Opportunity


Help your network build their American Dream! Live, Study, Work, Play and Prosper in the land of opportunity!

Serene Country Homes, a U.S. based developer, is working with leading US immigration lawyers and the AREAA Global team to provide a great path towards the American dream while making lucrative returns on the U.S. real estate market.

Simply buying US Real Estate in the traditional manner does not qualify you for an immigration opportunity. Investor Immigration programs in the U.S. require you to invest in a new commercial enterprise that can create jobs within a specified period of time.

Serene Country Homes Property Developer’s Program (PDP) allows investors to:

– Start their own New Commercial Enterprise

– Buy and sell real estate through the building of homes in one of the strongest real estate markets in the United States.

– Create Jobs through the day to day operation of their business

– Have full control over the company’s accounts and assets

– Make at least a 10% return on investment per year

There is limited availability in this unique program so please register now to find out more and help your network achieve their own American Dream!

Email to set an appointment.

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