Life Beyond the Gateways

I wanted to share an article from our most recent issue of Asian Real Estate Magazine, or A|R|E – linked here, because of its timeliness to what we are seeing going on with today’s Asian immigrants. Of course the biggest destinations are still New York, LA, San Francisco – but there are many other cities that are creating a climate conducive to attracting talented immigrant students and professionals.

This article takes a region by region approach to see where today’s Asian immigrants are heading to outside of the traditional gateways, and is a fascinating look into what immigration in the 21st century is beginning to look like. Whether it’s because of the proximity of great educational facilities, world class transportation hubs, or simply the value of real estate in a certain market, each of these cities has positioned themselves as the next great immigration destination of their particular region.

But I noticed something else about the cities on this list: they are all also of very high interest to international investors. It shouldn’t be a surprise that investment of Asian capital strongly correlates with attraction of Asian immigrants, but it is interesting nonetheless.

You can find the article by clicking HERE.

AREAA Global Partners with



Co-marketing agreement will help overseas investors more easily purchase US properties

IRVINE AND CARLSBAD, CALIF. – June 30, 2015 –, LLC, the nation’s leading online real estate marketplace, and AREAA Global, a subsidiary of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), today announced a co-marketing partnership to expand real estate ownership opportunities for Chinese investors. As part of the initiative, and AREAA Global will work together to connect Chinese investors interested in purchasing Commercial Real Estate (CRE) in the US with Chinese-speaking brokers and agents who have been trained on how to execute transactions on the platform.

The agreement comes on the heels of’s announcement of a partnership with, the leading Chinese international property listing portal, to bring American commercial real estate opportunities to Chinese investors. Per that agreement, US real estate listings from will be advertised on in Chinese, making them accessible to’s 2.6 million monthly Chinese-speaking users in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and around the world.

“As the only business trade organization focused extensively on facilitating international partnerships between real estate professionals in the US and Asian investors overseas, AREAA Global is the ideal partner for us in this endeavor,” said CEO Tim Morse. “Our mission is to make it easier for people to buy and sell real estate online. Providing local market, Chinese-speaking real estate experts will help Chinese investors make informed buying decisions and gain a better understanding of’s transaction processes.” will work closely with AREAA Global to guide interested buyers coming from through the transaction process and provide training for real estate professionals in the AREAA network on its online platform. In turn, AREAA Global will establish a fully-licensed consulting service to qualify and deliver customer inquiries to trained commercial real estate agents who will work with these investors.

“AREAA Global is excited to work with to increase investments in US commercial real estate opportunities.  As the world’s largest investor in US residential and now commercial business, Chinese investors are becoming a critical part of ensuring strong demand and consistent capital flow for US real estate,” said AREAA Global Chair Allen Chiang.  “Through this partnership, we can benefit both US-based sellers and buyers from China by leveraging a world-class online auction platform.”

As The Expression Goes: We have liftoff.

Our new AREAA Global website is just the first step on a long journey, but it is a vital one. Years ago, we had an idea to create an international network of real estate professionals to facilitate and encourage cross-border transactions. AREAA Global was the result of those discussions and meetings. It was created to give its members unprecedented access to a vast network of professionals on the ground who we could rely on to not only promote our investment opportunities to investors overseas, but to keep us in the loop for unique and exciting investment opportunities on their side as well.

We now have established relationships in Japan, China, Mexico, Canada, and all over the US. From Vineyards in Napa Valley, Luxury Resorts on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, to developing projects in Japan and China, we now have the ability to open our doors and invite our members in.

So how did these international relationships come about? What makes our network unique, and valuable to our members? The answer is simple: Trust. Through years of partnerships and business relationships, we have earned the trust of our overseas partners, and have established a brand that is immediately recognizable for its high ethical standards and ability to deliver. That is the ultimate value to you. We have put the hard work in to cultivate this trust, and now you get to share in the rewards.

Having spent over 30 years practicing real estate in Houston and witnessing the explosion of Asian Americans not only moving to the city, but investing in its development, I saw first-hand the importance of being connected to the source of this foreign capital which was helping drive our economy. These investors aren’t sending their money to places you’ve never heard of, and are likely to never visit; they’re spending it in your city. This is your chance to capitalize on that.

Some time ago, I was tabbed by the Mayor of Houston to serve on the International Trade Council, specializing in Asia and Australia. During this time, I developed countless business relationships with influential government officials and real estate professionals, whom I still count as friends to this day. These are the kinds of connections that AREAA Global brings to its members.

I haven’t even mentioned the most critical part of our business plan, what makes it all work. You. A significant percentage of our members at AREAA are first generation immigrants, who speak the language and understand the culture of business in these international markets. You are our selling point to them. It is very important to many professionals overseas that they conduct business with people who understand their culture. For that reason, they actually prefer to work with our members, all else being equal.

So that’s it in a nutshell. We connect you with the right people to get your development proposals/projects the funding they need. Or, if you have a client who wishes to diversify his or her portfolio to include more high profile and complex projects, we have you covered on that, too. By partnering with AREAA Global, you are plugged into a high powered network of individuals all working toward the same goal: to connect capital with opportunity. It’s as simple as that.