Navin Pathangay

Pathangay Architects LLC

Navin Pathangay is a successful architect in Arizona with over twenty years of national and international architectural experience. He is the founder of pathangay architects llc, an architectural firm that prides itself on innovation and design since 2004. He has contributed to projects ranging from residential to commercial developments, he is highly skilled in design, management, and leading teams efficiently to produce innovative quality design and construction documents with follow through construction administration. He is currently the President of the Asian Real Estate Association of American – Greater Phoenix chapter (AREAA) and sits on the Board for AREAA Commercial and AREAA Global.

In addition to his architectural achievements, Mr. Pathangay is a founder of Inception Development, a multidisciplinary design firm where design begins with the inception of an idea. Inception Development transforms businesses from a napkin sketch to a complete built environment. The company was created to help exclusive clients synthesize their thoughts into reality. Mr. Pathangay believes that a concept needs to translate and transpose itself into all aspects of the business.

Leading up to establishing his own companies, Mr. Pathangay was the Project Architect/Manager for DWL Architects and Planners, a thriving 75-year-old Phoenix based Architectural and Planning firm. Over the course of several years, he worked on projects for Mid-Western University in Arizona and Illinois, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Arizona State University, and the Dental School at University of Nevada in Las Vegas. He was the youngest licensed architect at the firm at the age of 30.

Prior to joining DWL Architects, Mr. Pathangay worked as a Project Designer at Kadhusin Associates in Ann Arbor Michigan, where his projects focused on low cost housing, redevelopment and revitalization in Downtown Detroit.

Mr. Pathangay has worked internationally in England, Belgium and Mauritius Island on diverse projects ranging from water front development to office buildings, resorts, and holiday apartments. He received his Bachelors of Architecture (Business Minor) from University of Florida with the highest honors, and went on to complete a Masters of Architecture degree at University of Michigan Summa Cum Laude.