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What is Referral Connect powered by RESAAS?

Referrals are a big source of leads and can make up a major portion of an agent’s business.  Referral Connect allows real estate agents to send and receive referrals to each other instantaneously, and it is as easy to use as your favorite social media platform.

The referral network is available to all real estate members. You can connect with them directly with the in-built chat and harness the power of the community.



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Powered by RESAAS

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Membership Benefits

  • A free account on the AREAA Global Referral Connect program
  • Referral Connect allows members to utilize the world’s largest real estate network platform
  • It is easy to use and just like posting on your social media app
  • The new normal is to make connections with members from around North America and the Globe on one app

How to Get Started

  • Referral Connect is available to members
  • Become an AREAA Global Member and let’s start doing business the EASY and most efficient way
  • Once you are an AREAA Global Member, you will receive a link and password to activate your Referral Connect account
  • Post your listings and referrals as soon as you complete your account. It’s fast and easy!
  • Upgrade to Premium at any time to get instant referral notifications

Platform Features

  • One click access on your phone or computer
  • Real Estate is the only business so there is no other clutter
  • Referral listing tool is very simple and will go out to members instantly
  • No transaction fees for deals – you earn 100% of your referral commissions
  • Premium access get you instant referral notices

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